Unleash your M.A.G.I.C™ Manifest Box

Unleash your M.A.G.I.C™ Manifest Box

What's inside your 

Unleash your Magic™ Manifest Box?


The Journal 

At the beginning it has brief explanantion of my signature M.A.G.I.C™ system to give you a framework to get started. 

Then you will find pages to heartstorm and create your BIG mission, followed by 90 days of journal prompts and space to help you put this system into practice.  

As it is so important to reflect and review what worked and what didn't - every 30 days there is a section for you to check in and do this before heading into the next 30 day cycle


I have chosen two of my favourites for you;

A Yellow Jade bracelet which will help you to harness your personal power, bring confidence, courage and abundance.

A Rose Quartz Worry Stone to increase your self love and feeling of worthiness to help you to believe in your abilities and treat yourself the way to deserve to be treated.

Money Matrix Incense 

I adore incense as a tool to quickly clear away negative energy, but have included the Money Matrix scent to help you set the vibes for manifesting abundance into your life. Light whilst creating, visualising your dreams and filling in your daily journal prompts.

Success Spell Candle 

Simple Candle Magic - Sit for a few moments and visualise living your dream life, then carve a few words into your candle which represent this to you. Light your candle and allow to burn to completion.

Affirmation Cards

Three beautiful Affirmation Cards chosen intuitively just for you from the Wishcraft: You are Magic Inspiration Card Deck.

Cheque from the Universe 

Manifestation Cheques are a powerful way to welcome abundance into your life. Fill the cheque with your details and the amount you are wanting to welcome into your life. 

Place it somewhere you can see it every day - I have mine on my mirror. 

Feather Pen

I lorve this pen, it is just so pretty! 

Use to fill out your Unleash your Magic™ journal!

Happy Manifesting!

I would love to hear what you are welcoming into your life and celebrate your wins too!

Tag me on your social media and use #UYMwithCheryl so I can find your stories

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