Tourmaline in Quartz Palmstone

Tourmaline in Quartz Palmstone

Contains all the properties of tourmaline and Clear Quartz, the clear Quartz will also help to amplify the tourmalines energy.

Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, used during ceremonies and rituals to protect them. It is a balancing stone, which cleanses and purifies. It grounds spiritual energy and will help to balance the chakras. 

Clear quartz is the most popular crystals and an extremely versatile healing stone. It is the most powerful stone for healing thought to be able to work on any condition. 

It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. So ideal to place with your other stones to amplify their properties further. 

It is said to protects against negativity and helps connect you to your higher self.

Your crystals will be cleansed and infused with Reiki energy prior to packaging with love, care and a sprinkle of lavender. 

Please note due to nature of the product size and colour may vary.

Price is for one piece.

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