Rough Crystals, Clusters & Specimens

A selection of rough unpolished crystals and clusters

Desert Rose

Desert rose helps you to think with your heart and helps you to understand your emotions. Although a delicate crystal it encourages you to stand your ... view details

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Garnet Piece

Garnet inspires love, commitment and stimulates kundalini energy. Garnet balances and cleanses the chakras and is particularly useful when overcoming ... view details

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Pyrite Raw

Pyrite is a highly protective stone, it shields you from negative energy of all kinds, emotionally and physically. Pyrite blocks aura energy leaks and... view details

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Sodalite Rough

Sodalite encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition. It works with the throat chakra to help you express yourself clearly and true ... view details

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Tigers Eye Raw

Raw/rough piece of Tigers Eye.Tigers Eye helps release fear and anxiety, aids harmony and balance.It stimulates action and helps you in clear decision... view details

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Tourmaline Raw

I love Tourmaline in it's raw form. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, used during ceremonies and rituals to protect them. It is a balancing stone, which... view details

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