Live Sale Boxes

These are your boxes of items claimed on our Wednesday night Facebook Sales. 

They are every Wednesday at 7.30pm if you would like to join us! It’s lots of fun - honestly, the social highlight of my week! 


3 x Crackers £13.50

Satin Spar Moon £11

Free Crystal Confetti 

Satin Spar Wand £6


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3 crystal crackers £13.50

Lavender Rose Quartz Tumble £1.50

Agate Tumble £1


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Satin Spar Wand £6

Black Obsidian bracelet £7

Black Tourmaline £2.50


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Indigo Gabbro Sphere £18

Tribal Soul Incense £1.99

Palo stick £1

Incense Holder £1.20

Free Crystal Confetti 


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Strawberry Calcite Tower £18

Rose Quartz Tower £17

Pyrite Heart £13

Moss Agate Heart £12 

Moonstone tower £14 

Clear Quartz Moon £4.50

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5 x satya incense £6.50

Clear Quartz Tower £9

HT Citrine Point £4

Lrg lavender Rose Quartz Tumble £3

2 small Lavender Rose Quartz Tumble £3

Agate Tumble £1

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7 crystal crackers £31.50Garnet Studs £10Satin Spar Plate £10Black obsidian sphere £1.50Agate Tumble £1Lavender Rose Quartz Tumble £1.50Rutile Quartz ... view details

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2 Aura Chakra Satin Spar Sticks £14Black obsidian bracelet £72 Garnet Tumbles £42 Agate Tumbles £2Soapstone Llama £3Jasper Angel £12Clear Quartz Tower... view details

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3 x Crystal Cracker £13.50Incense Holder £1.25Fire Quartz Skull £12Aqua Aura tumble £1.20Pink Tourmaline tumble £1.50Beryl Bracelet £4.44Ametrine Brac... view details

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