Live Sale Boxes

These are your boxes of items claimed on our Wednesday night Facebook Sales. 

Come join us for my Monthly Live Crystal Extravaganza! 
See all the beautiful crystals live and pick out the exact crystal you are drawn to.
How great to get a real look at your crystals from all angles - rather than from just a photograph.
We have a huge range including towers, spheres, carvings, jewellery, rough and tumbled stones, and more.
My monthly sales have loads of new stock for you to feast your eyes on first. You get exclusive access before any items head to the website. Most are snapped up before they hit the shop! 
Plus, I’m here to answer all your crystal questions. Want to know what the best crystal is for you? Come along and let’s chat. There’s never any pressure to buy.
The Extravaganza goes live on Facebook at 8pm, the last Wednesday of the month - usually for a couple of hours. 
We chat through the comments and you can adopt the exact crystal you want.
It’s a super friendly evening full of gorgeous crystals, great prices, and lots of fun.
I hope to see you there!
Cheryl x


Honey calcite winged heart £7

Caribbean Calcite cloud £5

Lepidolite hearts x 2 £14


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Fluorite £6

Larimar bracelet £5

Thulite bracelet £3

2 goldstone bracelets £10


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Onyx Tower £12

Nephrite Jade Mushroom £3

Nephrite Jade Tumble £3


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Satin spar tower £22

Mangano Calcite Pestle & Mortar £20

Satin spar charging plate £10

Satin Spar Palm £6


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2 satin spar sticks £3

Carnelian bracelet £5

Larimar bracelet £5

Thulite bracelet £3


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Satin spar stick £1.50

Goldstone bracelet £5

Larimar bracelet £5

Mangano Calcite tumble £1.50

Seahorse £3

Fluorite £6

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Serpentine heart dish £10Pistachio Calcite Freeform £5Caribbean Calcite Moon £4Mangano Calcite Tumble £1.50Unakite bracelet £3Thulite bracelet £3Golds... view details

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Honey calcite heart dish £10

Caribbean Calcite Dragonfly £3


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