Grapeseed and Geranium Massage Blend

Grapeseed and Geranium Massage Blend

Grapeseed and Geranium Massage Blend 10ml

A Restorative treat for the body and mind. Reconnect with your inner you.


This “achy oil” is a reviving oil when used during massage and an absolute must when needing an uplift for the body after a hard work out at the gym! 

A great herbal alternative to bring happiness back to a bleak day at work or, a strenuous day in the garden.

Whatever the cause for a need to reclaim a drained body, this combination will help a treat. Gentle geranium essential oil is also great to assist to release tension associated to the menopause.  

All products are 100% plant based, combined with natural oils and pure essential oils, but most importantly, made with love with you in mind x


Anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants.


Improves elasticity and softness.

Improves moisture and skin.

Ability to regenerate skin.


Geranium (Pelargonium)

Comforting - Balances hormones

Lower feeling of stress.

Warming, eases sensation of tight and sore muscles.

Perfect for an after gym work out!

Can eliminate dead skin cells & promote regeneration of fresher healthy skin leaving a tighter healthier feeling.

Great to relieve cramp.

How aromatherapy works: (Briefly) We have 10 million receptors on our nose that ow aromatic fragrance to travel to our Olfactory nerve, via our central nervous system, to reach our olfactory bulb within the brain – this transmits signals to our emotional seat within the brain.

Massage blends are an ideal way to sooth the body or, calm the mind to bring sunshine for your soul. When used to massage on the body, these aromatic blends can assist to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve focus, bring calm and clarity to an overwhelmed mind. 

Not forgetting the kind oils that can bring wonderful sensations that can leave the skin feeling soft, subtle, calm, and gentle.  

The pure essential oils used in these blends can promote a sense of clarity and are an excellent contribution to promote overall wellbeing.

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