Why are Crystals different shapes???

Why are Crystals different shapes???

Different Crystal Shapes.

I get lots of messages asking what crystal shapes are best to use, why they are shaped, polished or carved in a particular way, so I wanted to pop you together a little summary.

Worry Stones

These are flat, smooth, polished stones similar to a Palm Stone but tend to be smaller with an indentation in them. When you are feeling anxious or stressed you can rub them with your thumb to help soothe and calm yourself. Ideal size to carry in your pocket or bag so you have with you when needed. Being flat they are also used for healing and can be laid on a body part or chakra point.


I’m a huge fan of Crystal Bracelets, and quite often have multiple on each wrist - really what better way to harness the properties of crystals in your everyday life than by wearing them close to your body. I tend to mix up which ones I wear on a daily basis depending on what I feel I need to manifest that day. I also like to use my intuition to choose, close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and let my hand guide me - I feel we already know what we need without having to overthink it!


These are smooth polished crystals designed to fit in the palm of your hand. They are ideal to hold in your hand during meditating and can be extremely soothing to rub. I also think they look gorgeous placed in bowls around the house.

Towers and Points 

These are fabulous for directing and focusing energies. These can be used to amplify and a type of energy or raise the vibration in your home or altar/meditation space. I love to use towers as a centrepiece in my grids as my main stone help with manifesting those energies or smaller points surrounding the grid to direct the energy inwards to myself or outward to send the energy out to another or the universe. You can also be use them to grid your home by placing one in the corners of your house - I love to do this with protective stones.


These vary in size but are mainly small which makes them super versatile. You can use them by carrying with you, placing in little bags or bowls around the house for specific intentions, and perfect for crystal grids. As they are usually really affordable starting from just 50p they are great if you are just starting out crystals - as you can easily build a large varied collection to start working with quite quickly!


Are polished to be perfectly round. They radiate energy evenly in all directions, the shape represents oneness and a feeling of being whole. Spheres also are connected to the Moon and planets due to their shape, so perfect to use under a full moon or if wanting to with a particular planets energies. They are also used to promote protection, healing, intuition and psychic development


Heart shaped crystals remind you that you are always surrounded by love. They are great used to attract new love, love from others, as well as promoting self love. Placing the heart crystal over your heart chakra can help open blockages and remove any fears. It will also help in healing heartache and grief from loss. Display larger sized hearts in your home, this will attract a loving and positive energy into your space.


Quiet often we see crystals carved into animal shapes, these are perfect to use when meditating and connecting with the animal's spirit. By connecting to your spirit animal or any other animal you feel drawn to, you are able to harness the animal's energies and strengths within your own life. For example, the wisdom of an owl, the independence of the cat, the strength of a bear.


The shape of eggs often symbolise new beginnings, so the perfect shape to use when manifesting new dreams, hopes or projects and for when working with New Moon energies. The perfect shape to use during Ostara too, displayed on your altar as a beautiful symbol of Spring. Eggs, being naturally nurturing are perfect for helping to channel healing energies. Eggs can be displayed on stands or placed in bowls. They can also be used in grids when you are wanting to manifest healing or attract new beginnings or fertility.


Have long held mystical properties. This shape is known to secure, stabilise, and direct energies.  Fabulous to have around you as they help to ground and balance energy. They make perfect centre stones in your crystal grids to amplify your intentions and raise the vibration.


Crystal Skulls are often used to help you connect with your ancestors and guides, to help you to channel answers and guidance. They can also be worked with for healing and protection. Hold them or place around you whilst meditating when trying to connect to your guides, I also like to have mine with me when I do my Oracle card readings.

Rough/Natural Stones

While polishing doesn’t reduce the efficiency of your crystals, using the raw form is best when you need a major emotional or energy.  I adore seeing stones in their natural form, so beautiful. It’s all about personal preference and shapes are idea to use to add in extra energy/to direct your energy.

I hope that this helps you when making your crystal selections, so you can now give your crystal properties an extra boost by choosing a shape that may help to support their powers and your intentions.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need advice on you Stone selection,

As always much love and light,

Cheryl xxx

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