Who doesn’t need a way of getting rid of those bad vibes? Anti-negativity Spray!

Who doesn’t need a way of getting rid of those bad vibes? Anti-negativity Spray!

Anti-negativity Spray!

As many of you know I love a good daily smudging session to rid my aura of any bad vibes that I may have picked up throughout the day!

I find cleansing my aura and space really helps, if you are feeling stressed, drained, around low vibing people give it a go and just see how it feels - definitely always lifts my energy levels!

But sometimes you need something on the go!

If you are perhaps going into a difficult situation or meeting, feeling nervous and want to feel prepared.  Or maybe you’ve had a disagreement with someone or just come out of a difficult situation?

If you're not home it’s not really super convenient to whip a smudge bundle out of your handbag!

That’s why I love making myself up one of these ‘Anti Bad Vibe Aura Sprays’ - mega handy to have in your handbag to whip out when you feel you need to, and give yourself a cleansing spray!

These sprays can also be used in the same way that you would use a Smudge Stick - so are great for using to cleanse and clear negativity from your home, workspace or during ritual work.

They could be a great smokeless alternative for you if you don’t like using a smudge bundle or incense because it’s too smokey too.

Grab yourself a little spray bottle (ideally dark blue or brown to keep it safe from the sunlight)

Fill almost to the top with half Moon Water, half Witch Hazel then;

Things I like to add;

A few drops of Lavender and Sage Essential Oils

Sprinkle of Lavender

Sprig of Rosemary

A few Crystal Chips - ideal ones to use would be Amethyst (to calm and heal) Obsidian or Smokey Quartz (for protection) you could pick just one type or add all 3 the choice is yours

Have fun making up your own special blend, would love to know if you find it helps,

As always much love,

Bright Blessings,

Cheryl xxx

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