They’re So Pretty… But How Do I Use Crystals?

They’re So Pretty… But How Do I Use Crystals?

How to use your crystals

They’re So Pretty… But How Do I Use Crystals?

So,you have started to grow your crystal collection and, of course, you think they look beautiful but you are actually completely unsure of how to use your crystals. 

Honestly, you can do so many things with them. Just having them around you in your space or wearing them on your body will do wonders. You will already be absorbing all those powerful crystal properties. 

But I want to share with you a few of my favourite ways of incorporating crystals into your life… 

How to Use Your Crystals

Crystals for Headaches 

If you're suffering from headaches, migraines, or anxious thoughts, crystals can help.

Lay back, relax, and place a piece of Amethyst in the centre of your forehead (your 3rd eye chakra) to help calm and ease pain. 

Amethyst is an amazing healer, I often refer to it as the Lavender of the crystal world. 

Crystal Grids

By creating a crystal grid (basically a special arrangement of crystals), you are maximising and amplifying the energy of the crystals by getting them to work together for your desired outcome. So powerful! 

You can create grids for specific intentions, such as love, healing or abundance. Really set your intention for what you are wanting to welcome in. 

To learn more about how to create your own grid. Check out my blog: Crystal Gridding.

Crystals for Meditation

Hold your stone or place them around you while meditating.

Choose a stone that will complement the intention of your meditation. Here are some examples: for a calming meditation, choose a crystal like Aquamarine or Amethyst; for a self love meditation, choose Rose Quartz; or for a confidence meditation, choose a crystal like Yellow Jasper or Citrine.

The gorgeous crystal properties will help to supercharge that meditation. 

Crystals for Cleansing Your Chakra Points

It’s so easy to give yourself a Home Crystal Healing Session. The crystals will cleanse and balance all your chakra points so you will feel more aligned.

This treatment uses a crystal for each of your main chakra points, and you can use Tumbled Stones so it is not expensive either. 

Find yourself a quiet space to lie down and relax. You could even light some incense and a candle. Place a crystal on each of your 7 main chakra points (see list below for crystals and placement). 

Relax for 30 minutes and let the crystals work their magic. 

  • Crown (top of head) - Clear Quartz 

  • Third Eye (forehead) - Amethyst 

  • Throat Chakra (throat) - Sodalite 

  • Heart Chakra (centre of chest) - Rose Quartz 

  • Solar Plexus (just above the belly button) - Citrine 

  • Sacral Chakra (just below the belly button) - Carnelian 

  • Root Chakra (groin area) - Red Jasper 

Your seven main chakra points

I would love to hear how you use crystals in your life so please do share your favourite ways with me. Hit reply and let me know.

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Much love 

Cheryl xxx

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