Simple Candle Magic - How to!

Simple Candle Magic - How to!

Candle Magic.

I love working with Candle Magic as it can be so simple and quick to do if you want to get something manifested but are short on supplies or tools.

Obviously you can make your ritual much more in depth if you’d like to and have more time, by anointing your candles with herbs or oils relevant to your intentions, or maybe carving words of your intentions, sigils, or rune symbols into them too.

But candle magic is truly one of the simplest forms of spell casting -  you simply decide on your goal/intention, select a colour candle which you feel most represents this (see below)

Spend a few moments really visualising the end result and focus intent or will to manifest that result.

I personally also like to write down my intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle if possible, and burn the paper using the flame of the candle in a fire safe bowl. You then simply allow the candle to be burned completely for the spell to be completed.

So which colour to choose???


Black candles are used for protection and to warn off any negativity. Can be used if wanting to remove hexes, also great for putting an end to a bad or negative situation.


Blue spell candles are associated with patience, focus, wisdom and dream work.

Emotional healing, justice and bringing peace to a situation.

Representing the throat chakra they can be used to attract harmony into your life, represent truth and promote calm.


Green spell candles are associated with money, abundance, healing and success.

Representing the heart chakra they can be used to open and heal the heart, to attract good luck, and work very well in abundance, prosperity and money magic spells.

Also fabulous for Earth magic and health.


Orange spell candles are associated with kindness, intellect, joy and success.

Great for increasing the intellect and for using when working with legal affairs.

Representing the sacral chakra they can be used to attract luck, mental clarity and used in fertility work.


Pink spell candles are associated with femininity, unconditional love, friendship and peace.

For attracting warmth, joy and forgiveness.

Representing the heart chakra they can be used to attract love, inner calm and affection.


Purple spell candles are associated with spirituality, power, wisdom and independence.

Representing the third eye chakra they can be used during divination work, higher self and psychic abilities. Use during meditation and to deepen your connection, awareness and knowledge.


Red spell candles are associated with lust, stamina, sex, passion, protection and fertility.

Representing the base chakra they can be used to attract love, strength, increased determination and can be used in fertility spell work.


White spell candles are associated with new beginnings, fabulous to use to draw on the energy of the goddess, protection, purity and during moon magic.

Representing the crown chakra they can be used to attract happiness and spirituality into your life.

Little witch life hack - White candles can also substitute any other candle colour other than black.


Yellow spell candles are associated with health, creativity, blessings and communication.

Representing the solar plexus chakra they can increase your self confidence and self-esteem, be used to attract visions and work well during solar magic.

Happy manifesting with the help of candle magic,

As always much love,

Bright blessings,

Cheryl xxx

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