Reiki finds you and the Akashic Records invite you in

Reiki finds you and the Akashic Records invite you in

The concepts of awakening and the spiritual journey are truly fascinating. Looking back on my own journey, there have been many hurdles and initiations I experienced to get to where I am today.

For many, the spiritual journey begins with experiencing a traumatic event. For me, it was a number of different things: molested as a child, bullied in school, sexually assaulted, and raped as a young adult. But after all this, what finally set the stage for my awakening was the psychologist I sought out for help. At the end of my very first session he dismissed me because he believed that I had already worked through everything that had happened and that there was nothing he could do. That was my rock bottom moment, the last straw, the point where I gave up and sunk into that bottomless pit of my own little hell.

But the thing is, once all the known resources for healing have been exhausted and we have hit that dreaded rock bottom, something magical happens. We are finally opening up to a world outside of that box we call ‘our life’. That is the moment when our innate spirituality kicks into gear.

11 years ago, Reiki found me. I say found me because Reiki will reveal itself to you when you are ready. Reiki means Life Force Energy. It describes our own energy, the very essence of our being, our spiritual body. Reiki is healing and yet it is so much more. We often hear that Reiki is our birthright, and even though that is true, it makes it sound as if it is something outside of ourselves that we have to find and discover when in reality, it is something within us that we have to awaken to - something that has always been there, waiting patiently for us to be ready. And that is only the beginning. The more we immerse ourselves into the practice and teachings of Reiki, the more it reveals to us about ourselves, the world around us, and how we fit into it.

Reiki guides us on our journey. It helps us release whatever is holding us back from continuously outgrowing our life and the part of us we no longer resonate with. At the same time it readies us for the next initiation – the next step on our journey to our true selves. In essence it is like learning to walk all over again. Only this time, we learn to walk spiritually – not physically. It helps us to awaken to our Soul-Self, the true essence of our being. It helps us to unlearn everything we thought was true, but in reality was governed by fear, pain, and who we were taught we should be.

The first time I had heard about the Akashic Records was during my Reiki training. I was told that it was this magical place that held all the answers of life. But in reality, that is only a fraction of what they truly are and offer to the world. And for that very reason, accessing them when you are not ready is next to impossible. You see, the Akashic Records are protected 1.000.000 times better than Fort Knox. And even though the Akashic Records, just like Reiki, are your birthright to access and use, you have to be ready for it. The responsibility is just too great.

After I had heard about the Akashic Records for the first time, I kept on coming back to that thought ever so often throughout my journey. Then one day I purchased a book about them and tried the guided meditation to access them in my sleep. I tried twice and both times I had the same result. I dreamt of monsters. And let me tell you, I never dream of monsters. Those monsters looked like the hell hounds in ‘Supernatural’ with black fur and red glowing eyes. Those beasts, as I now know, are the guardians of the Akashic Records, which means that I made it to their gates but was not at the spiritual level required to enter.

Then one day, a couple years later the Akashic Records invited me in. At that time I was a member in a spiritual Facebook group and took part in a giveaway to win a free Akashic Record Reading. And to my surprise, I won. Now I am one of those people who never win anything, or at least, nothing useful. But this time, I was meant to win this first glimpse into this magical place. Of course I was not in the Akashic Records. I just received information from them, channelled by the woman who read them for me. But it was magical, nonetheless.

Six years ago, I was then officially invited to enter the Akashic Records and I can tell you - it was extraordinary. Since the Akashic Records are not a physical place, they reveal themselves to us in the way we want to see them. For some they look like an enormous building with high ceilings, white marble pillars and millions of rooms that hold the information for every soul, both human and animal, land assigned property and business on earth, and for others they are a beautifully woven tapestry floating in the sky where each thread holds the information we seek.

When I first entered the Akashic Records and began working with them, they revealed only the very basic information to me. It is like reading the tarot. As you first learn how to read it, you get the very basic information from it, but as you use it more and more, your intuition becomes stronger and your ability to channel the divine wisdom expands. It is the same with the Akashic Records. The more you use them, the more they reveal to you.

Most people believe that the Akashic Records only hold information for us to pass on and that may be true for some who are not yet ready to dive deeper into them, but for others – like me – they are a place where we can bring so much healing to the world. You see, the Akashic Records work with our divine gifts and purposes while at the same time our purpose grows as we grow. I use the Akashic Records to help people heal past life and ancestral issues like contracts, curses, inherited trauma, but also clear the energy of traumatized homes and properties, align a soul led business with its true purpose, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Even though I feel to know the Akashic Records well, and am comfortable navigating them, I am continuously being shown other ways I can bring healing and transformation into the lives of others.

Using the Akashic Records comes with immense responsibility. You can enter them for yourself and others to literally erase unnecessary attachments and program new beliefs. If the wrong person entered the records, they could cause an infinite amount of harm. And so unless your intentions are pure and for the good of all, you won’t be granted access. However, if the Akashic Records’ guides poke their heads out to you, then you can be sure that you are meant to access them when the time is right.

I do hope you enjoyed this article about Reiki and the Akashic Records. If what I shared about the Akashic Records deeply resonates with you, then I invite you to join me in my Akashic Soul Healing Practitioner Program.

Love & Light,

Sandra Cooze