Lunar Bath Rituals

Lunar Bath Rituals

Lunar Bath Rituals.

The number of women I speak to who don’t prioritise their own self care is unreal. Many can’t tell me one thing they enjoy doing just for themselves, one thing that brings them joy and lights them back up. This breaks my heart. I am on a mission to make sure you all put filling your own cups back up at the top of your to do list.

Just take a moment to think about how you feel when you have taken the time to do something just for you……….

How did you feel?

How did it lift your energy?

Your mood?

If it lifts our energy, we are happier, more content and in a better space to be able to tackle what the world throws at us!


Putting yourself at the top of your priority list will change your life for the better I promise you! Not only will you feel a million times happier, in control and able to deal with stress at ease but it will have a major impact on those around you too!

You will be kinder to those around you, your partner, kids, colleagues, even the strangers you encounter throughout your day. Just think about how different life would be if you had more patience and were less snappy.


Read that again,

And again,

Has it sunk in yet?

So one of my ‘go to’s’ for my own Selfcare is a Lunar Ritual Bath. It’s a beautiful practice to follow and ensure that even among the chaos that is my busy life as housewife, mummy to 3 and running my own business there are two set in stone points in the month that I put me first!

(Please note: I want you to be doing something for you EVERY single day but this is my bare minimum. It resets me when I’m lost in my world and have forgotten about me.)

So why a Moon Bath? 

The moon controls the tides of the seas and oceans, and we are made up of 60% water, so it stands to reason that the moon influences our bodies, minds, and whole being too. Water can help heal and cleanse us. We all feel better when we drink more water, right?

A moon bath is a beautiful celebration of the alignment we share to the moon cycles, as well as helping us to connect back to nature, and feel grounded. But there are also massive physical benefits too such as easing achy muscles, stimulating your circulation, relieving stiffness in your joints, and helping you to feel relaxed.

So I’ve decided to share with you my personal Lunar bath rituals, but it totally doesn’t have to be a new or a full moon for you to take a gorgeous ritual bath. This week we have had poorly babies in the house, I have literally slept five hours in total in the last four days. Utterly exhausted is not the word. As you can imagine I wasn’t feeling my best, I was worn out, fed up, impatient, snappy, and full of tears. Definitely not on top form to be able to take care of everyone, as any mother does. Last night all three children were asleep at the same time!

Instead of sleeping I decided to take a bath. I mentioned to my beautiful friend Nixie that this was what I was doing and it felt crazy as I really should have been sleeping but she said ‘A bath is as good as a nap’.  

She was so right I felt much better afterwards and have woken this morning ready to tackle the day, in a more content headspace, and am even able to put this blog together for you.

Before you begin either bath, it’s important to set the scene. Make this feel like something special, a luxury thing you are doing for yourself. So put on some relaxing music, dim the lights, add any items you would like to decorate your bathroom with to honour this sacred night.

I start by smudging the bathroom and myself with either a smudge stick or an incense stick, this will energetically cleanse you and your space.

Then it’s time for the good bit;


For a New Moon

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, welcoming in your wishes for the next lunar cycle, and letting the universe know what you want! So a perfect time for you to be manifesting!

I take this time each month to welcome in more love for myself.

For this I like to light pink candles, the colour of love, but white candles are perfect if you don’t have pink ones to hand. I add Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz tumbled stones to the water as well as my Self Love Bath Blend.

Then lay back and completely relax for at least thirty minutes, soaking up all that gorgeous loving energy.

Self Love Bath Blend

A cup of Epsom Salts

A cup of Pink Himalayan Salts

A handful Rose Buds & Petals

A handful Malva Flowers

A handful Chamomile

A handful Lavender Flowers

A few drops of Orange and Lemon Essential oils

For a Full Moon

The Full Moon is a super powerful time to clear, release and let go! A time for you to clear away any built-up negative energy and let go of anything that no longer serves you

For this I like to light white candles, the colour of peace and tranquillity. I add Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst tumbled stones to the water as well as my Release Negativity Bath Blend.

Then as before lay back, completely relax and enjoy. When you come to drain your bath really visualise the water cleansing away all those deep negative thoughts and feelings, and see them being taken away from you, down the plug back to Mother Earth.

Release Negativity Bath Blend

A cup of Epsom Salts

A cup of Pink Himalayan Salts

A handful of Sage

A handful of Rosemary

A handful of Mugwort

If, like me, you are crazy busy and can’t deal with cleaning those leftover herbs from your bath, then simply pop the bath blends into an organza bag and make yourself a little bath tea bag’. So much easier!

Enjoy taking time for you!

Much love as always

Cheryl xxx

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