Introduction to Colour

Introduction to Colour

Do you love colour? Do you want to bring colour into your life more?

Do you want to find out why you have a favourite colour and why you hate another colour?

With my help you can find out your 4 personality colours that you are born with and see how to use them daily while understanding more about yourself.

Once I was introduced to colour everything made sense for me, those days where nothing goes right, or your in bad mood, sensitive? Or everything is amazing, your on cloud 9 and you are loving life. These feelings can be down to your 4 personal colours and how they are interacting with the days colour too!

For me my favourite day is red as I get loads done on my to do list, I'm like a mini tornado whizzing around, ticking things off and feeling like a boss! (don't we all love those days!?)

Blue is my favourite colour and this is perfect for me to balance out all the red that I have in my chart but sometimes on a blue day I can be very emotional for no reason at all (it's good to have a cry every now and then)

On a green day I am desperate to get outside, sit with mother nature and I tend to notice the smaller things more like how the sun is shining, my favourite tree on the way to work, the birds singing etc.

These colours all have an influence on our mood, feelings and day. So much made sense to me once I had embraced colour into my life. I then started intuitively dressing for the colour day. Colour is very clever, even though you might not be able to see that colour crystal you popped in your bra that morning it will be working for you subconsciously as the brain only takes in 25% of the colour we see.

Other ways to use colour, if you have a test that day wear something yellow as this helps stimulate the mind. If you have a job interview pop on that red lippy to ooze confidence and bravery. If you'd like to connect to your inner child and feel a bit silly, playful wear orange and bring your inner child out to play, enjoy the time with them and be less 'adult' for a small amount of time!

Colour is amazing when you welcome it into your life. A system I was taught but expanded my knowledge to use it more as it can be used linked to food, crystals, home decor, oils, angels and lots more!

A basic run down of the colours -

Red - bold, brave, determined

Orange - goddess, creativity, inspiration

Yellow- joy, happiness, sunshine

Green - nature, caring, kind

Blue - calm, communication, authenticity

Indigo - wise, ancient, 3rd eye

Violet - angels, spiritual, calming

Magenta - out of space connections, akashic records,

Gold - higher knowledge,  a gifted colour

We also look at colours such as white, black, grey, brown.

This knowledge doesn't just stop there as every colour has its place and its own unique properties of how and when to use it in your life.

Each day, month and year vibrates at a frequency so we can measure the days, weeks, months and years and we can see how that day etc affects us and our own personal colours.

Id recommend keeping a colour diary to see how you feel on each day as it will be different for everyone! You will soon find your favourite days and it might explain why you feel bleh on some days and other days your ready to take on the world!! Use the colour calendar in my group to help you know the colour day and then write some notes about your thoughts and feelings for that day to find out your favourite days and then how to manage the not so great days and remember to be kinder to yourself on those days!

If you'd love to hear more please join my Healing Hearts - A Guide on a Spiritual Journey group on Facebook for more colour information and lots more HERE.

I am running a Colour a Rainbow course with Abbey where I can tell you your 4 personality colours, how to use them I. Your daily life, ask me any questions that you have, keep a colour diary so I can advise you further and give you information on how to connect colour with your angels, chakras, oils and crystals! This course is run on Rooms so we can see each other and connect each week all for £24, 4 weeks.

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Much love and rainbow blessings