How does physical decluttering help with manifesting?

How does physical decluttering help with manifesting?

How does physical decluttering help with manifesting?

Heading into spring, it’s the absolute perfect time for a declutter. Spring cleaning is a great way to start the season off with a clean slate! It refreshes your living space and clears out the clutter, making space for everything you are ready to manifest. 

And one of the most powerful and fastest ways to manifest more abundance into your life is by decluttering. 

People most frequently say manifesting is about visualising and creating what you want to bring into your life. But there’re more to it than that: by also becoming more mindful of letting go of what no longer serves you, you can better manifest into your life what you choose. 

By getting rid of everything in your life that no longer serves you and, most importantly, that is no longer aligned with your dreams and goals, you make space to welcome in the new. 

The Benefits of Decluttering

Physical decluttering has been known to help with manifesting because it reduces both mental and physical clutter. 

Clutter can create distractions and can make it hard to stay focused and organised. Removing the clutter helps to clear space in your home and mind, allowing you to focus on the things you want to manifest. 

When you declutter, you are also removing energy blockages that can prevent you manifesting. By removing physical objects that are no longer serving you, you are also releasing any negative energy that may have been attached to them. 

Finally, decluttering can help to bring a sense of calm and clarity, which can help to create the environment and mindset necessary for manifesting.

Think about it, how can you welcome more money into your purse with ease, if it is stuffed full of old receipts and crumbled shopping lists? 

How can you welcome more clients/work into your life if your desk or office is full of junk or old papers? 

Are you ready to declutter? Let’s get started…

Decluttering tips to get you started

  • Start small - pick one area to focus on and work your way up.

  • Sort through items and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away.

  • Make sure to be mindful of what you’re keeping - only keep items that you truly love and will use.

  • Invest in storage solutions that will help you keep items organised.

  • Tackle one room at a time and take your time - don't rush the process.

  • Take regular breaks throughout the process to keep your energy up.

  • Give yourself a pat on the back when you finish - you will feel a sense of accomplishment! 

  • Create a vision board to remind yourself of what you are working towards.

Your declutter schedule

I have created a 30-day declutter schedule for you. It will help you keep on track with your decluttering.

Day 1: Closet/Wardrobe

Day 2: Kitchen

Day 3: Living Room

Day 4: Bedroom

Day 5: Bathroom

Day 6: Office

Day 7: Pantry

Day 8: Purse and Handbag

Day 9: Junk Drawer

Day 10: Junk Room

Day 11: Basement

Day 12: Playroom

Day 13: Laundry Room

Day 14: Car

Day 15: Garden

Day 16: Shed

Day 17: Paperwork

Day 18: Electronics

Day 19: Digital Clutter

Day 20: Social Media

Day 21: Pictures & Videos

Day 22: Books

Day 23: Magazines

Day 24: Memorabilia

Day 25: Clothing & Accessories

Day 26: Toys

Day 27: Shoes

Day 28: Jewellery

Day 29: Makeup & Beauty Products

Day 30: Miscellaneous

Emotional Decluttering

It’s also important to have an emotional declutter too. Not only do we surround ourselves with physical clutter - lots of material things that we have gathered over the years - but we carry around a lot of  emotional baggage!

You know that feeling when your mind is so full it’s overflowing? Or are there emotions that you seem to be dragging around with you? That is emotional clutter. 

You can read more about this in my blog: Emotional Decluttering to Kickstart Your Manifesting.

I hope these tips help you declutter your physical space and manifest what you want in life. Good luck!

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Sending you lots of of love, as always 

Cheryl xxx

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