Healing Crystals for Times of Crisis

Healing Crystals for Times of Crisis

How Crystals Can Aid Healing in Times of Crisis

During times of crisis I turned to crystals. Spirit strong, resilient and adaptable is the human one. But! Loneliness perceived or real, uncertainty, disconnection, stress and shock can rock the foundations. It was when I was in such a place that I began to reconnect back to the healing energy of crystals and rise from the shadowy depths that I was floundering in. Fast forward five years and the whole world is rocked to its core. 2020 Brought with it tough times, times of crisis and a time when we as our Self, family, communities, societies, worldwide and a collective consciousness overnight changed on a level that struck at the core of all we knew. Our worlds shrunk, our personal  connections disintegrated and our health, finances and freedoms taken for granted were threatened. As we approach 2022 we are still in times of crisis. I felt called to share how crystals can aid healing in times of crisis.

The elemental energetic beings attached to the crystal are connected deeply to Gaia/Mother Earth. Their strengths, properties and abilities are attached to earth, air, water, sun/fire, spirit/moon and each can aid us in reconnecting to our Self. Working with energy, being empathic and right now just being human is hard on our soul. In constant flux and with the collective vibration being plunged into the low grade vibrations healing energy is vital. We are caught up in the looking outwards for information, support, validation and hope. Finding solace and hope in healing crystals for times of crisis brings you back to yourself; reconnecting within, reaching into your shadows and fears. Finding the answers within is a place of comfort and safety. Self-soothing is never how we as a tribal species are meant to feel safe but self-connection and co-regulation brings us into balance and gives us trust within ourself.

In times of crisis healing crystals add to our box of survival tools.

Best Crystals for Tough Times

Healing crystals are many and although each has properties and abilities assigned it is the energetic elementals that will work with you. Together you build an energetic relationship to serve your intentions, needs and desires or goals. When drawing the crystals energy to you it is your intention and energetic vibrations that are at work. Cruising for your healing crystals armed with a list is always a good starting point but fully expect to be drawn to the crystals that are energetically magnetised with your subconscious and needs. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. This is the beginning of a new energetic relationship.

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and although we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Nikola Tesla

Here are my top three healing crystals for times of crisis; if you are new to working with crystal energy these are the perfect starting point. If you have begun building energetic relationships and friendships with crystal elementals take the properties and use them in your intention and energetic field when cruising for your healing crystals for times of crisis.


Element: Earth

Star Sign: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Chakra: Heart

Energy Functions: Direct, Transmute

MantraI am courageous and calm

The Coping Stone. Repelling all negative emotions the energetic vibrations bring to us a courage and balance much needed to deal with uncertainty. The power of the healing energy within this stone steps up and comes into being during times of uncertainty. Working with us to reorder chaos into manageable order and creating an atmosphere of calmness. Anger is one of the low vibrations that has been erupting within the collective consciousness and removing inner negativity is where Garnets elemental energy excels utilising it’s great strength in anger management and healing of emotional trauma.  Worn or carried as a talisman it will work with your energetic fields to offer protection for yourself.


Element: Earth & Water

Star Sign: Aries, Libra, Pisces

Chakra: Root & Heart

Energy Functions: Transmute, Direct, Store

Mantra: I welcome all challenges and will overcome them

The energetic healing from this stones elemental being is so very gentle and profoundly tranquil. By utilising its healing energy upon the heart chakra it will then ground you through the root. A wonderful earthing energy is emitted and flows from within encasing you within a field of womb like safety. Working with this healing energy will bring about an centring that is much needed in these tough times. Working with this healing crystal will create an inner strength as stress and worries are released and anxiety lessened. Through drawing you back to yourself and working upon your inner energetic fields and those connecting you to the collective consciousness you are able to process and work with outer struggles. Although the energy of this stone is gentle it is exceptionally powerful and will give to you the ability of riding the storm even during the most uncertain times.


Element: Earth

Star Sign: Aries, Aquarius

Chakra: Root

Energy Functions: Transmute, Store

Mantra: I am grounded and protected

Hematite’s energetic being has strength in grounding and anchoring. The energy you experience is a of a reassuring heaviness and weightiness. When our thoughts and feelings are being scattered, churned up and flung around panic, chaos and fear occur. These low vibrational energies affect us emotionally, spiritually and physically. We become caught in a whirlwind that causes chaos within our energetic field lowering our levels of resilience and our immune systems are unsupported. Neither of these do we want in 2020 when all the tools at our disposal are needed for our mental, physical and emotional health. Build a relationship with the healing energy of this crystal to still your mind, centre and hold your energy. You will build your resilience. You will also be utilising Hematite’s lesser-known property of protection.

Bonus Healing Crystal - Rose Quartz

Element: Water

Star Sign: Taurus, Libra

Chakra: Heart

Energy Functions: Transmute, Amplify, Direct

Mantra: I experience all things through love

The Love Stone. Rose Quartz is my number one favourite healing crystal. The energy is soothing, gentle and loving. It is my number one crystal for mothers and the mother of all crystals. It can be found all around the world and their energy communicates with each other through the collective consciousness. Working on all aspects of love; motherly and bonding, friendship, romantic, family and the so very important to keep ourself calm and anchor inner peace; self-love. Rose quartz’s energetic being directly links us to Gaia/Mother Earth and the loving support she has for the collective consciousness. Bringing us to a place of spiritual love helps us conquer the looking outward at fear. In times of crisis Rose Quartz teaches us trust and hope through emotional healing, releasing stresses and struggles from within our energetic field. Working with the elemental energies you can create a love bubble for your home or a room within your home.

How Long Does It Take for Crystal Healing to Work

This is one of the most often questions I am asked. The quick answer is instantly. You can feel their energy when you are cruising and connecting. But often this is the energetic magnetic connection between your energy and theirs and then it is time to get to know each other. I have had clients choose crystals and message me a few hours or couple of days later saying nothing is happening; they are disheartened and just a little impatient.

Friendships and relationships take time to nurture and build. You are building an energetic relationship with your crystals; creating friendships and trust. For the first seven days take time to hold, commune, carry and nurture your crystal. Create a foundation to build upon.  Move onto the next more intimate level of connection. Take a crystal meditation together. Create a record of your relationship, feelings, happenings, visualizations and messages.

Most importantly follow the four C’s of crystals; cruise, clear, cleanse and charge. Afterall they are working hard to support, heal and manifest for you; show them some gratitude in return.

Do You Trust You?

This is the best part of working with healing crystal energy. Crystal energy is magic because you are magic and that is what the energy you work with gifts you. A recalling of soul connection. A drawing of returning to your Self. Whilst working with crystal energy you are working on your energetic blocks, fields and abilities. All that stops you from being authentically you are self-limiting beliefs. The energetic relationship breaks down those beliefs bringing to you a trust of your instincts, a trust of your intuition and an authentic connection to your soul and its purpose.

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I was always a little different as a primary school teacher once described me; but I felt this part of me needed to be hidden. I have now stepped into my power of artist, author, crystal energy worker and moon witch. My soul’s purpose is to empower mamas on their feminine goddess journey. Together we explore the shifts, cycles and phases of mamahood to live an energised, purposeful and balanced life.

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