Crystal of the Month- Calcite

Crystal of the Month- Calcite


Calcite is such a gorgeous crystal to work with and comes in so many different varieties and shades - the options are incredible ranging from Clear,Green,Blue,Honey, Chocolate, Mangano honestly it feels like the list is endless!

Calcite is a carbonate compound and has a glassy type appearance. All types of Calcites are perfect for cleansing negative energy and aid personal and spiritual growth. A positive crystal to have in your collection!

It is also an amplifier of energy which makes this a fabulous stone to use if you carry out distance healing methods, but each colour also has its own unique addition properties.

So let’s look at some of these in more detail.

Caribbean calcite

Caribbean Calcite is a recently discovered Crystal from Pakistan, found in 2019 and much sought after due to its beautiful colour - just like the Caribbean sea. When I hold this stone it takes me to a warm, sunny happy space in my mind. Honestly would wouldn’t feel calm and at peace lay on a hot beach in the Caribbean!

It has a wonderful calming effect on your emotions allowing you to be more focused and sensitive to other people’s needs.

Caribbean calcite works with your crown and third eye chakra to channel your psychic abilities. Perfect for dream work and meditation! Its ability to help you focus also makes it a perfect learning aid during exams.

Blue Calcite 

It will help to ease nervous energies and anxieties, so it is ideal to take with you into a situation you know may be stressful such as an interview or test. Or just to carry or have near you if you are suffering with anxiety.

This stone works with your third eye chakra, which means it works by helping enhance intuition, clairvoyance and deepen your psychic development. Place a piece in the middle of your forehead or hold when you are meditating and asking for answers.

Mangano calcite

Mangano calcite is a pale, soft pink colour. It is a gentle crystal that helps to heal the heart chakra. It helps you move forward from past hurt, difficult relationships and trauma. Helps to promote an overall feeling of inner peace and encourages self love.

This beautiful version of calcite will help bring joy into your life by instilling compassion and forgiveness within you, forgiveness for yourself, those around you and those from your past. It’s sweet energy helps you to move on from trauma and grief, helping you to let go of the fear and trust yourself again.

Rose Calcite

Rose calcite is another wonderful crystal to work with the heart chakra. It has a gentle energy vibration that helps to heal heartache, promote self love and opens your heart to receive loving energy.

Rose calcite brings peace and serenity to emotions by blocking out negative influences. It encourages the communication between your heart and your mind to make better decisions and increase positive thinking.

Peach Calcite

It’s sunny composition will help bring joy into your life! It also works closely with the sacral chakra point, which is associated with our relationships, our expression of sexuality and sensual pleasure. If your need a pick me up in that area this is a great stone to keep in the bedroom. It will increase that fire in your belly, passion and creativity so I like to have with me when working on new projects in my business or when painting or crafting.

Chocolate Calcite

Chocolate calcite encourages you to follow your heart's desires and manifest your wishes in life. Working with this crystal will push you to follow opportunities that arise and promote prosperity.

A useful crystal to use in personal growth it increases hope to move forward with projects confidently and bring peace to past memories.

Lemon Calcite

Lemon calcite has the most joyful effect and is full of positive energy! It works well with the solar plexus to bring confidence to confront issues, increasing your focus and determination to reach those goals!

Lemon calcite makes a perfect learning aid during studies or to hold during meditation to take a look deeper within. A crystal that helps you to recognise your true needs and gives you the confidence to move forward positively.

It’s like bottled up sunshine, always lifts my energy, mood and makes me smile- the perfect crystal to lift you up!

Enjoy growing and working with your calcite collection, there are so many more than I haven’t covered too!

Would love to know which is your favourite to work with,

Much love as always,

Cheryl xxx

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