Crystal of the Month - Citrine

Crystal of the Month - Citrine

August is the month of Lammas, the first harvest, a time to gather from those seeds we planted earlier in the year.  A time for abundance and prosperity! 


So what better stone to share with you this month than Citrine? 


Citrine has such a sunny bright energy, and whenever I hold it I feel this beautiful energy pass over me filling me up with happiness. 

It imparts joy and enthusiasm.

Natural Citrine as pictured above originates from Brazil. It is quite rare to come across and most Citrine available on the market currently is actually heat-treated amethyst (as pictured below), so make sure you ask the seller if it’s not clear to you if it’s natural or heat-treated. I personally stock both, the heat treated variety is still very beautiful and I enjoy working with its energies too. 

It tends to be coloured anywhere from a translucent smokey gold colour to amber. 


Citrine is most famous for its ability to attract abundance, prosperity, success and wealth - it is often referred to as the ‘Merchants’ Stone as it brings success to businesses.


Many people, including myself, carry one of these in their purse or bags to welcome in that flow of money. 


You could place a piece in the money corner of your home or office (the furthest left corner from the door- I also have a money plant here!) on your desk, your altar space, in the till if you have a shop, with your accounts paperwork.  I could keep going but be creative and think of all those areas of your life you need more abundance and success! I also like to wear mine, so a bracelet or necklace is perfect too so you feel lucky and abundant everywhere you go! 


Simple hold with you whilst visualising or meditating on your desired goal. 

There are so many options, do what feels right to you, you could pick one or two, or implement all of the above- the choice is yours! 


It is a good stone to use when working with the Solar Plexus Chakra Point, as it helps to raise self-confidence and self-esteem. 

It will encourage you to be the best version of yourself with belief and remove any negativity, self-sabotaging thought patterns and doubt. Helping you to be the best, bright version of you! 


As it works with the 3rd chakra on a physical level it is also great to aid healing throughout the digestive system, so for any stomach issues you may be experiencing. 


I love Citrine and totally believe everyone needs a chunk of it in their lives! 


Wishing you all much abundance, confidence and success, 


Much love,

Cheryl xxx

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