Cleanse and programme your crystals

Cleanse and programme your crystals

Cleansing and programming your crystals ensures they are able to support you as powerfully as they can.

Why should you cleanse your crystals? 

Cleansing your crystals is important in order to maintain the crystals’ energy and properties and keep them performing at their absolute best for you. It is believed that crystals absorb energy, both good and bad, which can cause their healing properties to become compromised. 

Cleansing your crystals will help to restore the crystals’ natural energy and vibrations, which can help them to provide you with their greatest healing and protection. 

Regular cleansing helps to remove any built-up negative energies, restoring the crystals to their purest and most powerful form. Cleansing alsos help to amplify the crystal’s natural healing properties and open up its energy channels. 

Cleansing can also help to reconnect the crystal with your own energy and intentions, allowing it to work more effectively for your needs, in your life. 

Additionally, cleansing can help to refresh the crystal’s energy if it has not been used for a long period of time.

Ten ways to cleanse your crystals.


I love to use a sage bundle or stick to cleanse my crystals. Simply get your bundle and light it, then move the smoke around your crystals. This will help to purify them. This is a purification technique that has been used by shamans for many years. 

To read more about smudging as a practice, check out my blog: Smudging - Why and How?!?


Place your crystals in a bowl of salt and let them rest there overnight. This is a great way to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Salt has been long known for its spiritual properties as a natural cleanser and for protection. 

You can place little bowls of salt around your home to help clear the air, your space and environment from negativity or sprinkle salt around your home’s boundaries for protection. 


Get those crystals out under the moonlight to recharge them and give them a really good cleanse too. They don’t have to actually be outside; you can pop them onto your windowsill if you’d prefer. The windowsill  is also a better option for any water sensitive crystals.

Most people tend to do this under a Full Moon due to its powerful cleansing energy but you can pop your crystals out under a New Moon too if you chose. The New Moon will bring its energy of new beginnings and powerful manifestation vibes to your chosen crystals.

Sound Bath.

Sound is a fantastic cleanser of energy. Use a singing bowl or other instrument, even just clapping will work, to create sound waves around your crystals. This will help to cleanse them by disrupting any negative energy and bring in positive energy.

Palo Santo.

Palo Santo is a beautiful alternative to sage for cleansing. This holy wood smells incredible. Light a stick of Palo Santo and simply pass your crystals through the smoke. This will help to cleanse and purify them.


Your intention is so powerful and is more than enough to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystals in your hand and visualise a white light cleansing them of all negative energy. 

You can use this visualisation to cleanse yourself and your aura too!


This isn’t one I tend to do myself as it’s a little more time consuming. You can bury your crystals in the ground for a few days or weeks, and allow Mother Earth to cleanse your crystals for you. Water-sensitive crystals would need to be protected.

Please, if you do this, don’t forget where you buried them, lol.


This is very similar to the sage or palo cleansing. Light an incense stick and pass your crystals through the smoke. This will help to cleanse and recharge them. This is probably the technique that I personally use most frequently; as I burn incense all the time, this method is super quick and easy. 

After I’ve cleansed my crystals with the smoke, I give myself a quick aura cleanse and then leave the stick to burn and clear the room's energy too.

Cleanse with Reiki.

If you are attuned to the healing technique of Reiki, you can also use Reiki energy to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Simply place your hands on the crystals and visualise the Reiki energy cleansing them.

Running Water. 

You can cleanse your crystals using running water too, either a river or just from the tap. Simply hold the crystal in running water and visualise the negative energy washing off it and away. 

A little word of warning, be careful and check that your crystal isn’t water sensitive if you use this method. I have heard of people completely dissolving away their Selenite, so always double check.

How to programme your crystal. 

Programming a crystal is the process of setting the intention for a particular crystal. This focuses its energy and, therefore, makes it more powerful in how it helps you.

First, you'll need to choose the crystal that is right for your purpose. You can do this by researching the properties of different crystals (my inbox is always open for you to ask too) and determining which one is best for your particular goal. For example, Citrine for abundance or confidence, Rose Quartz for love, Tourmaline for protection.

Once you have chosen a crystal, you will want to cleanse it. This can be done by any method above which you feel drawn to.

Once it is cleansed, it is time to programme it. 

You can do this by visualising your goal or intention for the crystal and repeating it several times in your mind. You can also use a mantra or affirmation to help you focus your intention. 

Finally, you can use other crystals to help amplify the energy of your intention by placing them around the programmed crystal in a grid. To learn more about crystal gridding, read my blog: The Basics of Crystal Gridding.

Be sure to thank your crystal once you have finished programming it.

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Sending you lots of love, as always 

Cheryl xxx

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