Are you aware of your inner cycle?

Are you aware of your inner cycle?

Are you aware of your inner cycle?

We all have an inner cycle. We are naturally creatures of a cyclic nature. Cycles surround us: day and night, the monthly lunar cycle, the seasons of the year. 

But why don’t we pay more attention then to our OWN inner cycles? This is the cycle that will affect us the greatest. 

And for most of the women I speak to, this is still a complete mystery. 

It’s the cycle that causes them the most issues too! PMT, painful periods, anxiety, heavy bleeding, completely irregular, or, for some even, non-existent. 

Why we need to understand our inner cycle

As women, it’s in our nature to provide, to love and to nurture everyone ALL the time, 24/7. But we aren’t built this way…

We need time to recover, rest and restore our body, mind and soul. 

I encourage clients to be aware of their own internal cycles, so you can be aligned and in flow with your own energies. 

The seasons of you inner cycle

Your monthly cycle is broken down into 4 weeks, each with a corresponding ’season’. 

Week 1 - Winter

This is what I call bleed week. It is a time when you need to retreat inwards, semi-hibernate and practise lots of self care. It is a time for less plans, less work, less action. 

Really nourish your body with good food, and exactly what you need. I have a ‘Moon Box’ full of all my necessities for upping my self care game. Things like a beautiful bath oil, candles, my moon cup, crystals for healing and self love, and most importantly… chocolate. 

This is a time for listening. Listen to your intuition. Our winter is when we are most in tune with our inner knowing. Make notes of what ideas come up for you, ready to implement in spring.

Week 2 - Spring 

Yay! We are moving into spring, welcoming back the light. Take full advantage of this increase in energy. 

This is a time when you tend to be full of new ideas. You are blossoming. You feel fabulous. Your energy is reigniting.

Start making plans and setting the path for growing these ideas into reality. You may feel ready to take action, especially towards the end of the week.

Week 3 - Summer 

We all love summer, right? You are buzzing with energy and loving life. This is when you will be most productive and confident. All that self doubt and criticism we had earlier in the cycle has gone; our inner critic is taking a much needed rest. 

This is the ideal week to take action: host those meetings, meet with clients, socialise with friends, really get moving.

Plan for any big projects, like a garage clear out or launching something new in your business for this week.

Week 4 - Autumn 

You start to slow down. This is a time when you can be very self-critical. You may question your abilities and feel not good enough. It is just your hormones tricking you.

Your inner critic is being an absolute bi*ch. Once you know this, and acknowledge that it’s just her and your hormones talking, it easier to put her back in a box and ignore those thoughts too! 

This is a week where you may resist showing up. Don’t make challenging appointments for this week. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your energy needs.


Being aware of your inner cycle is powerful. Working with your energies each week, allows you to adapt your life and business so you can make the most of your natural flow.

There have even been scientific studies showing that, when women work 3-week months and take time off to recoup during their bleed week, they are much more productive than when they work a full month. 

Spain has recently introduced paid leave for women with painful periods, acknowledging the impact our cycles have on our productivity and energy. How amazing is this advancement in understanding women’s cycles?

So, this month take time to track your inner cycle and understand your own energies and needs.

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Much Love,

Cheryl xxx

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