All about Moon Water

All about Moon Water

Moon Water.

I love to charge all sorts of things beneath the full moon: crystals, altar items, my oracle cards.

But water is my favourite for charging and holding Grandmother Moons energy for me to use within my practice throughout the month. The element of water is also associated with the moon and the phases of the moon hugely control the ocean tides and all water, even water within our bodies.

How to make; 

Choose an intention for your moon water, choose a container, fill with water (you can add herbs if you choose) and place outside under the moonlight, or on your window . Surround your container with crystals to aid your intention.

In the morning bring in your water and use as you choose to. Ideally if your up - bring your jars in before sunrise, but I personally wouldn’t panic too much if it catches some sun rays too!

More often than not I like to keep it super simple by just popping out plain water, this way I can use for any purpose, rather than adding herbs etc to it.

Also if you are wanting to use your moon water for consumption such as in teas or cooking please use filtered or bottled water.

The different Moon Phases

You don’t have to only make moon water under the full moon! Make the most of grandmother moons beautiful energies, so if you are wanting to up your moon water game here are some idea of what each phase can give you;

New Moon

Setting Intentions
Fresh Starts
New beginnings

Waxing Moon

Taking Action

Full Moon

Charging Items
Taking Action

Waning Moon

Letting go

Uses for Moon Water

Water your plants

Cleanse Crystals or Altar Tools - please make sure you do your research and check that it’s safe for your crystal to come into contact with water

Add to your Ritual Baths

Make Aura/Room Sprays

Drink it - Simply as a glass of water, or I quite like to make my morning tea/coffee with it.  Again please ensure you use bottled or filtered water

Use in your Spell Work

Place on your altar as a representation of the Water Element

Use for Cleansing the home - some people like to add cleansing herbs and oils such as sage, lavender and lemon.

Add to your Simmer pot

Cook with it, add to your soups/casseroles etc.  Again please ensure you use bottled or filtered water

Enjoy making your moon water!

I’d love to hear what you decided to do with yours!

Much love and Many Blessings,

Cheryl xxx

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