About Us

Grounded Goddess’ journey is very much entwined in my own personal journey.

It was created out of my own need to heal. After suffering abuse and trauma throughout my teens and 20’s, I was depressed, endured eating disorders and developed OCD. My self worth and self love was non-existent.

A single mum, I was up to my neck in debt and majorly depressed. I felt stuck.

I decided I needed to take control! 

I decided to heal myself! 

I began using alternative therapies and the power of crystals. I discovered the power within myself to release and reframe the past so I can now thrive and create my own future on my own terms.

Over the last 8 years, I have grown and achieved so much. My crystal business is a success and I managed to clear that overwhelming debt. I am absolutely living my best life - which I know can only get better still! 

I truly believe every woman has the power within them to heal and be happy. That every woman is worthy and capable of living the life they dream of and deserve. 

It is now my mission to help my sisters in their journeys. 

I want to…